Procedure guide

Professional Guidelines for Before and After the Procedure

5 Most Important Rules for Beginners:
  1. While pregnant or nursing, permanent makeup is not suggested.
  2. If you’re on your period, it can cause hypersensitivity.
  3. With any procedure, you’ll have to visit 2 or more times for treatments to boost the color and enhance the results.
  4. No alcohol or caffeine prior to the procedure. This will help reduce oozing and swelling after the procedure.
  5. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as two identical sides of one’s face.
  • No sunlight, tanning salons – 10 days prior and after

Sun bathing, sunburns, and tanning, for 10 days prior to the procedure and after is prohibited. When the tan peels off, it fades the color pigment as well.

  • No direct shower – 10 days after

Turn your back to water when you shower after the procedure to protect the treated area from direct water jets. Before showering, put some Vaseline on the treated areas to shield it from soaps and shampoos. After 10 days, use only a gentle cleanser for your treated areas and absolutely NO scrubbing it for a minimum of 1 month.

  • No sweating (gym or other physical activities) – on the treatment day and 10 days after

Refrain from physical activities on the day of your procedure to prevent sweating. Sweat comes with salt, which fades the pigment far earlier than expected. During 10 days after the treatment, sweating profusely is also a bad idea.

  • Avoid salted water and chlorinated pools – 30 days after

Swimming in the ocean, sea, or chlorinated pool, is prohibited until your permanent makeup area is healed. I also recommended my clients to use Vaseline on the treated area before swimming even after it’s healed.

  • Rubbing, scratching, or picking of the treated area is prohibited!!!!!!!!! 

Any scabbing or dry skin has to peel off naturally. Don’t pick it or try to rub it off – this can result in scars.

  • Contour plastic fillers and botox

You should do the injections 6 weeks before your scheduled permanent makeup treatment. If you’d like to do it after the procedure, then you should also wait for 6 weeks. For Botox, the interval is 2 weeks in advance or 2 weeks after the treatment.

  • Medications and Lotions/Creams

This goes with absolutely NO exceptions: no usage of Accutane for a year before the permanent makeup. You’re not allowed to take Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Niacin, and Vitamin E (unless you have a critical medical condition) during 2-3 days before your treatment. You can take Tylenol, though.

For 10 days after, do not apply anything on the treated area (no makeup, lotions, creams, pencils, etc.).  And absolutely NO putting retinol on your forehead and around eyes for 1 month after the treatment.

  • Skin types

For people with oily skin, the first results will totally look softer, which is why there may be a need for additional procedures. Also, I don’t do Microblading on oily skin – this type is a contraindication for this line of permanent makeup services. The pigments shade very easily, and these procedures sometimes leave evident marks/scars on such skin. Thus, I recommend using other techniques that provide natural and realistic results, as well.

If you have dark skin, please keep in mind that the results will look less bold then on lighter skin types.

Note: All these paragraphs are mandatory for preparation and healing processes. So, please follow above instructions and the ones below.

1. Permanent Eyeliner Services
  • I insist that you inform me if you went through ANY eye-related surgeries or procedures. Before we can schedule permanent makeup sessions for your eyes, you will have to wait for a minimum of 6 months after your surgeries. Additionally, I might request a permission note from your doctor.
  • Come to the treatment without the contact lenses. It is better to bring your glasses if needed. You’ll be able to wear contacts 3 days after. Do not use saline – it wipes the liner out instantly. Use only the sterile water.
  • If you want to show me how the end results should look like, come to the treatment with your eyeliner on. Otherwise, no eye makeup whatsoever. Also, don’t put on any mascara at all for the first 3 days after your treatment. Then, for a week more, don’t go all the way in, just a little on tip of the lashes. I advise getting a completely new tube of mascara after the procedure to avoid getting an infection.
  • Do not use any eyelash growth serums for a minimum of 2 weeks before your permanent makeup treatment and for 2 weeks afterward.
  • Don’t apply any baby and mineral oils, oil-based makeup removers, and heavy creams around the eyes and on the treated area.
  • The end result usually takes around 2-3 treatment sessions, including the touch-up. This will help so that the pigment will hold better and longer. Based on my experience, eyeliner still fades a little bit faster than eyebrows because of the moisture that our eyes produce. Bear in mind, the residual pigment peels off after several days.
  • As we age, soft tissue around our eyes becomes thinner, which sometimes shifts the pigment. This does not happen straight away, but eventually after several years, you will notice the effects. I must admit, it is an unpleasant consequence that is really hard to fix.

Cautionary Statement: In case you have hypersensitive or watery eyes or severe allergies, I would not recommend going through the liner procedure. I absolutely will not perform this procedure for people with tear duct plugs.

Note: As I prefer to provide my clients with the most natural and realistic looks, I would choose to do permanent eyeliner makeup closer to the lash line if it’s up to me.

2. Permanent Eyebrows Services
  • If you want to show me how the end results should look like, pencil them when you go to the treatment appointment. Or simply bring your pencil with you.
  • If you want to wax or tint your eyebrows, do it at least 3 days in advance of the scheduled procedure, or wait for 1 week afterward.
  • You can use the conventional makeup right after the procedure, but avoid the treated area until it’s completely healed. No eyebrows makeup, lotions, pencils for 10 days!
  • Using only a gentle cloth, remove the old Vaseline daily to put on a new, very thin layer for 10 days. Then start cleaning the treated area with a gentle cleanser, but do not scrub your brows for a minimum of 1 month.
  • If you see that the areas faded a lot, don’t worry, it’s a normal healing process. I’ll fix it at the touch-up treatment. For previously done brows, it usually takes up to 2 – 3 treatments to reach the “finish line”. This is due to the scar tissue, which accumulates in the eyebrows area.
  • Immediately after the procedure, your eyebrows will look bolder than expected. This is perfectly fine and a totally natural effect of the applied permanent makeup. The appearance softens within a few days, as do the hair strokes that will, at first, appear too crisp and bold.
3. Permanent Lips Services

Typically, achieving the final result of the desired lip color takes around 1-3 treatments. As a part of aftercare, keep your lips moisturized daily to extend the pigment’s life cycle.

  • Protect your lips from directly contacting food, clothing, makeup

Be careful while dressing and undressing to avoid brushing the fabric over your new permanent makeup. Straight after the procedure, no conventional makeup is allowed, to prevent an infection or other damage. You can argue that such precautions are impossible when it comes to food, but while challenging, it is possible. Remember, no biting or licking lips, and no food or drink should stay on them.

  • No sunlight

As the sun will fade the freshly applied pigment and cause hyperpigmentation, avoid it as much as possible for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. When the treated area is fully healed, use sunscreen and moisturizer for the best results.

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