Permanent Lip Color and Liner with Shading

Over the years, permanent lip makeup service has become extremely popular. Regardless of the shape of lips we have, we age, so our natural skin pigments fade with time, drawing the color out of our faces. It’s why this particular procedure is perfect for all ages and genders. Thanks to permanent makeup, it’s now possible and easy enough to reshape and shade your mouth or make your thin lips look fuller and blushing, without using frequent injectable fillers.

The intradermal pigmentation lip color procedure brings you beauty and joy, changing or enhancing the color of your lips, or defining new size, lip line, and shape. The permanent lip liner relieves you not just from the daily makeup ritual but of the lipstick smudges as well. However, lipsticks and lip gloss connoisseurs still embrace it seamlessly, so you won’t have to bare lip cosmetics 24/7. 

Permanent lip coloring may cause a flare up of cold sores/fever blisters, even if you have not previously had an outbreak.  It is strongly recommended to contact your doctor and start taking a prescription antiviral two days prior to your appointment and continue taking it for two days after the procedure as well.

No lip filler 6 weeks prior to your permanent lip color appointment.

‘Barely There’ Lip Line

This approach helps to define your natural lip contour and is highly discrete and clearly visible only at the close range. I create this type of permanent makeup enhancement in a similar color to your natural lips, so the effect is barely noticeable due to its realistic results.

Impact Lip Line

I recommend this technique to my clients when there is a need to define and, if desired, to extend the line past their natural lip contour. This way, I can create the permanent lip liner in a contrasting color comparing to the natural lips, which will give you a clearly outlined and fuller lips. Your lip line will have a makeup look.

Full Lip Tint

Artists use this approach to give the client’s lips a perfect finishing defining, fullness, and overall natural lip color. The basic principle of the technique itself is that I achieve the permanent lip liner effect by infusing lip color across the entire body of your lip. Using the interaction of light and shade, I create a 3D look that empowers your lips with additional volume and a long-lasting veil of color that looks totally natural. Along with boosting your lip area, this technique can correct any shape or asymmetry that you may have.

Also, the full lip tint comes with a fantastic anti-aging effect for the lips that are getting pale and losing their line sharpness due to the aging process. The permanent cosmetic full lip tint combined with discreet lip contour definition provides you with a really natural, realistic look of gracefully full lips. In this case, just a hint of color will be applied to the center of your lip.

Lip Blush

This method is slightly similar to the previous one as it also defines the lips and expands past your natural lip contour. It still gives your lips a realistic look and fullness, but the permanent lip liner effect is achieved through shading softly blended towards the inner parts of your lips.

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