Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattooing, applies permanent color to your skin. Maryna is a certified artist who has perfected the process of applying organic pigment beneath the skin to create a natural appearance that lasts a lifetime. Maryna can apply permanent makeup to:

View this video to learn more about the process of applying permanent makeup by Maryna.

Maryna is also certified in creating or enhancing the areola and nipple to match natural breasts following breast cancer, reconstruction or other events that have impacted breast appearance.

Maryna is more than a skin care expert, she is an artist who work both by hand and with the assistance of her professional equipment to deliver on your unique cosmetic needs. In addition, the procedures are mostly pain-free as the makeup area is numbed prior to the procedure.

Who should get Permanent Makeup

There is no age limit or skin color/tone requirements for permanent makeup. The benefits are universal, and it is a life-saver for anyone who wastes time reapplying makeup every day, or has some insecurity they would like to address.

Skin has special properties and has to be treated in a certain way. Maryna will tailor the treatment for each patient to achieve the best possible results!

Maryna's Expertise with Permanent Makeup

Maryna is licensed and certified in all areas of permanent makeup and has successfully served hundreds of clients of all ages and ethnicity. She only used the best possible products and has received many 5-star reviews and recognition in her industry.

Maryna performs many different treatments but her specialty is permanent makeup to give you the look you desire. She advises each of her clients based on skin-tone, skin-condition and overall skin-health to ensure the best possible results.

Maryna utilizes the latest high-tech equipment and pigments to match her artistic fine drawing talents.

How to schedule a Permanent Makeup consultation or service

Why wait any longer? Schedule your free consultation or service with Maryna today by visiting our scheduling page.

Skin has special properties and has to be treated in a certain way. Maryna will tailor the treatment for each client to achieve the best possible results!

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